We only work with solvent, trustworthy companies

This is a must requirement for joining the Wtransnet community

Security and trust are two basic pillars. We ask companies and professionals to meet certain requirements and rules to create a secure environment for business.

How can we be sure that our associates are solvent?

Filtros QAP
QAP System

This is the system that ensures a working environment that is professional, secure and trustworthy for operating across Europe.

Comité Auditor
Auditor Committee

It is responsible for overseeing compliance with the Wtransnet code of conduct.

Garantía de Cobro
Payment guarantee

We guarantee that you will be paid because we know it is essential for your business.

Filters for reliability and solvency

filtros de seriedad y solvencia

We have demanding procedures in place for evaluating and accepting new members, to ensure the highest quality.

We verify, identity and we check that documentation is up to date. We carry out the appropriate verifications on commercial standings.

• Recently created companies must have been operating for at least one year.

• The companies authorised to offer freight are evaluated by the credit insurer Coface.

Auditor Committee

Independent body that closely monitors the companies operating within the exchange. It also…

• It enables companies offering loads to consult the references that other companies have made on a particular haulier. It also allows companies to report new positive or negative experiences with hauliers.

When hauliers want to register, they have to provide the Auditor Committee with references from companies they have collaborated with.

It blocks access to companies whose compulsory documentation has expired.

comite auditor

Payment guarantee

By contracting this online insurance you can be sure that you will be paid for your trips, with a saving in time and money.

• In the event of non-payment you will receive 90% of your payment anyway. You won’t have to worry about payment claim: it is carried out by Wtransnet.

• All companies authorised to offer loads in Wtransnet have been rated by COFACE insurance company and have enough credit to meet their obligations.

de persona a persona

We offer all our customers personalised treatment and comprehensive follow-up. The Business Assistant or the Telephone Translation Service are two examples of it. Find out more

contruimos relaciones

We build relationships
We work hard every day so that you can achieve your business goals. We are moving in the same direction. Find out what we can do for your business.Find out more

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