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About us

We have a passion for quality linked with safety and trust,
constant innovation and a clear commitment to our customers

A short history

Wtransnet was founded in 1996 as a freight and truck exchange. Since then it has grown to become the best networking platform for the transport and logistics sector, thanks to its ability to anticipate what the market will need.

The three intrinsic characteristics that lie behind of Wtransnet are: constant innovation, a spirit of service and professional rigour in offering value to its customers.


Ethical commitment

We develop innovative services to help reliable and professional companies to meet each other in a secure and trustworthy networking environment.

Commercial commitment

We consider every new associate as a new business opportunity for every single member in the Wtransnet community.

Technological commitment

To offer a quality platform. We specialise and innovate in order to meet our customers’ needs for operational efficiency, reliability and trust.

A history of innovation in the sector

From its very beginning our company has been committed to innovation, intimately linked to the concerns and needs of our customers and the market. Our R&D Department develops our products, tools and services, some of which are pioneers at a worldwide level, with our own technology. All departments and areas are involved in innovating, constantly watching and listening to the requirements of the market.

Our team

The secret of Wtransnet’s success is our team of more than 150 people representing 8 different nationalities.

What makes us stand out from the rest is that we work closely with every single one of our customers. That is why 80% of our team works in customer relations.

More than 10,000 companies in 33 countries already place their confidence in us

We’re here to help you!

A clear orientation towards the customer

The customer is our greatest asset, making us see the market constantly through new eyes: permanent attention and innovation, to guarantee the best solutions for our customers.

Our success is our customers’ success. Through a relationship of partners we offer stable commercial relations that look out to the future of their businesses. More than 60% of our new customers are recommended by current customers. which is a clear expression of how satisfied our customers feel with our service.

Every new customer represents a new business opportunity for all of the community. For that reason we are the meeting point for professionals looking for new reliable contacts anywhere in Europe. More than 11,000 in more than 33 countries already place their confidence in us.

More than 11,000 companies already trust us!

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