Yes, you can see the documents and their expiration date in the profile of the carrier that you will find in the Associate Finder. Furthermore, with companies from Spain, France and Italy this information is provided directly in real time from the Ministry of Transport’s website.

You can check if the plate number of the truck that is going to load belongs to the carrier you have sold your freight to.

The Wfinder allows you to search for up to 40 different specialties, also with special equipment and for a specific route.

The matching system avoids you the need to offer several times the same freight to give it more visibility as it happens in some other exchanges. Besides, the resale is forbidden: it is not allowed taking freight from a company and offering it again in the same exchange or in any others.

Go to the main tap called Home > Control Committee for members > Resolutions passed by the Committee to find the reasons: withdrawal due to cargo resale, continual transport incidences, lack of ethics for going directly to your client, etc.

You can exclude one or some companies by yourself: these companies will not see your offers nor your profile in the Associate Finder.

Click on the browser icon that you are using and we will explain how you can do it.