The QAP system (Quality Assurance Policy)

The QAP system is one of the Wtransnet added value propositions and aims to ensure a professional, safe and reliable working environment to operate at European level.

As part of our strict security policy, it is the main guarantee that all transactions are carried out under maximum reliability.

Its task is not only to filter the new companies but also to monitor continuously their behaviour in accordance with the standards accepted at the time of their registration in Wtransnet.

Seriousness and solvency filters

Procedures for evaluating and accepting new members:
Verification of identity, validity of documentation and commercial checks.
The start-up companies have to be at least one year old.
In addition, companies authorized to offer loads are evaluated by the credit insurer Coface.

Reference system for carriers

It allows companies offering loads to check the references that other companies have made on a carrier and give their own references.
Also, when asking for being registered, carriers must provide references of companies they have worked with.

Expiry control of documentation

It blocks the access to the application to companies whose mandatory documents have expired.

Report abuse

Communication channel for the associates, for reporting confidentially, the improper behaviour of other users.

Incidents management service

Upon notification of a payment incident, Wtransnet initiates the procedure for claiming the invoice.

Audit Committee

Body that ensures the proper use of the platform and constantly monitors the behaviour of the companies.


Improved company image

Identification as safe company

Increased business opportunities in Europe

QAP Quality Seal

Having the QAP quality seal means to be a certified company within Wtransnet, which has overcome some filters of seriousness and reliability and also has made a commitment to compliance with the rules of the community.

Only companies with more than one year old in Wtransnet can get the seal of quality.

Why is it important to get it?

The transport market is a very competitive one and therefore, this added value is essential. Having a Wtransnet quality seal, Europe`s safest freight exchange, brings a recognition that many companies take into account when searching for new collaborations. This is a guarantee that they are a safe and reliable company.

Wtransnet has certified more than 11.000 companies, being a guarantee of quality for them recognized in 33 countries in Europe. Transport companies that belong to Wtransnet community, and therefore have the QAP quality seal, can establish business relationships in an environment of trust.

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