Focused on offering solutions to reliable
companies in the transport industry

Wtransnet meets your needs


Guarantee your payments, get help from customer service requesting company information, find companies with shorter payment terms.


Find new and approved hauliers, check plate numbers and legal documents before you assign your load.

Why trust Wtransnet?

Why go with Wtransnet?

The exchange where you won’t find your own customers.

Maximum safety

We only accept hauliers with the QAP quality seal and complying with minimum wage regulations.

Reliable payment

Exclusive on-line payment guarantee system in collaboration with Coface.

Freight and trucks in real time


Service not available at this time.

Deployments in the application every Wednesdays from 14:00 to 15:00h.

Services included

Freight Exchange

To offer and to search loads and trucks for both import and export. Quick search of loads and trucks to a particular destination in real time. Flat rate, without additional costs for use.

Business Assistant

The Business Assistant accompanies each new client, and helps companies doing business within Wtransnet. Based on the needs and expectations expressed when becoming a member, the BA will facilitate you information about interesting companies and will train you on how to obtain the most of Wtransnet.

License Plates Finder

It allows checking the vehicle that will go to load your freight belongs to the company you have made the deal with and is associated to Wtransnet.

Companies information Service

Information service on the practice and behavior of transport companies, either they are members of Wtransnet or not.

Commercial Profile

It is the perfect business card to show your strengths and added value. Each user can create and manage its own profile including a short introduction in several languages, its own fleet, available routes and other activities.

WFinder 2.0

Powerful transport search engine with outstanding search criteria. Relevant and updated company information. Powerful commercial tool to increase your contacts and find new usiness opportunities within a secure environment.

Regular Routes

To make your journeys much more profitable by looking for new contacts and reliable suppliers in some specific routes.

Groupage Exchange

The Groupage Exchange suggests load and truck offers based on meters and tones, facilitating the work of companies with this type of activity.

Live Chat with Customer Service Dept.

Users have at their disposal an online chat to connect directly with Customer Service Agents from their own country to resolve any issue quickly.

Freight exchange by phone

This service is focused on the self-employed carriers and hauliers without internet connection. They receive real-time load offers by SMS.

Matching system

The matching system is a unique real-time matching system that automatically matches freight and trucks.

Link to the posting company profile

From any offer, either a load or a truck, you can check the company’s profile where you can find further information before contracting: establishment date, share capital, years as a member, contact details or invoicing data.

Instant messenger

Service based on pop up screen windows and audio alerts to announce new matches. It allows working with other software without the need of keeping an eye on what is being offered in the Exchange.

Private freight exchanges

For groups who want to work in private environments, exploiting group synergies and optimizing their load and truck availabilities.

Payment claim service

If a collaborator of Wtransnet has claimed a due invoice without success for a service contracted within the Exchange, Wtransnet registers a payment incident and opens a claiming procedure. The company who delays payments frequently is financially punished. If it does not attend the payments, its access is blocked and is excluded from the platform.

White List

List of companies with shorter payment terms than the established in their countries.

Withdrawal list

List of companies expelled from Wtransnet by the Audit Committee.

Automated loading dump

To facilitate offers’ uploading into the Exchange, preventing users from having to enter information that they already have in the system.

International Search Engine

It allows finding companies who expressed an interest in increasing their contacts in certain countries.


Annual meeting of owners and managers of transport companies. Speed networking sessions and arranged personal interviews to generate collaboration and new business opportunities.

Meeting Point

Real-time information of new registered companies. It helps getting contacts from the very first day. All companies meet the strict quality standards set by the QAP (Quality Assurance Policy), a mandatory requirement to join Wtransnet.

Simultaneous Translation Service

Real-time translation service. It facilitates international trade relationships (Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Polish).

Documentation Service

Online checking of collaborators’ legal documents and its expiration dates. The system automatically blocks access to those companies with outdated documentation.

Payment guarantee

The only Freight Exchange in the market with such a service for its members; it enables payment insurance to be confirmed before agreeing a journey. The service is provided in collaboration with Coface insurance company.

Notice Board

A space where to connect with European companies looking for trusted partners abroad.

Full small truck exchange

To move trucks and goods not requiring an articulated trailer.

Wtransnet Cargo

The app for easily finding freight from your phone. With geolocation and online payment guarantee.

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What our clients are saying about us

The good thing of Wtransnet is that this tool has been developed after having listened carriers and transport companyies and now it allows us to work together properly. I totally recommend Wtransnet.

We use the Wtransnet Freight Exchange because we have routes all over Europe, export France and import from different countries, so we can find solutions to operate in all our European Routes.

You have a direct contact and the security that you get the loads paid. With other freight exchanges this is not as good as with your freight exchange.

I use Wtransnet to find reliable partners. We are very satisfied with the service.

We are using Wtransnet for many years. We value the quality of the Exchange. We use it to searching for new partners in Spain and Portugal.

We use Wtransnet to find reliable partners and suppliers to give loads. I appreciate the availability and help of the Customer Service who are always at our disposal.

We search for loads and customers in the logistics and distribution business from Italy, and Wtransnet is very helpful to us. We greatly value the Wtransnet members who are not found in any other Freight Exchanges.

Wtransnet is of course, the market leader in the South of Europe and this is the main reason why we are using it. We really like it.

By using Wtransnet, we are able to cover domestic loads in Spain and freights from abroad back to Spain. Furthermore, it offers a unique payment guarantee option. It saves you time and money.

More than 11,000 companies already trust us!

Developments in the Macron Law

The French Ministry of Labour has introduced a last-minute addition for compliance with the Macron Law: starting in January of next year, transport companies must register their transport certificates online prior to providing international transport services or cabotage in France.

Solution for vetting transportation suppliers

After 20 years of providing innovative and efficient tools for road haulage, Wtransnet offers Doc&Data as the ideal solution for the approval and certification of transport suppliers.

What is the main source of stress for truckers on the road?

A while back we talked about the increase in the use of in-cabin connected devices to improve transport efficiency; this time we take a look at whether drivers consider this technology helpful or a source of stress.

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