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Why Wtransnet?

We have a passion for quality linked with safety and trust,
constant innovation and a clear commitment to our customers

Solvency is guaranteed

QAP System

Through our exclusive Quality Assurance System we monitor and filter all new companies under the criteria of reliability and solvency to ensure a professional, safe and trustworthy working environment.

Auditor Committee

It is the body responsible for analysing the background of the companies that make up Wtransnet and for sanctioning or expelling those that do not respect our code of conduct.

Payment guarantee

We are the only freight exchange in the market that provides online guarantee of payment before the truck is loaded, in collaboration with the insurance company COFACE.

Person- to-Person

Business Assistant

You will always have a personal assistant by your side to help you do business in Wtransnet.

Always there

Whenever you need us, we will be there for you.

Translation service

Language will never hold you back again in business. We offer you an online translation service by telephone: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Polish.

We build relationships

With quality companies

All the companies that you will find in Wtransnet have accepted a strict code of conduct.

Your best business card

Just by being part of Wtransnet you have gained the trust of a large number of companies. You can show up your strengths in your profile, translated into various languages.

Wconnecta, an international event

You will be invited to join the international gathering of road freight transport professionals and have the occasion of doing business for a whole year in a single day!

What our clients are saying about us

I use Wtransnet to find reliable partners. We are very satisfied with the service.

I use Wtransnet because I have many routes with Spain and I need to find reliable carriers.

We are using Wtransnet for many years. We value the quality of the Exchange. We use it to searching for new partners in Spain and Portugal.

We use Wtransnet to find reliable partners and suppliers to give loads. I appreciate the availability and help of the Customer Service who are always at our disposal.

We search for loads and customers in the logistics and distribution business from Italy, and Wtransnet is very helpful to us. We greatly value the Wtransnet members who are not found in any other Freight Exchanges.

Wtransnet is of course, the market leader in the South of Europe and this is the main reason why we are using it. We really like it.

By using Wtransnet, we are able to cover domestic loads in Spain and freights from abroad back to Spain. Furthermore, it offers a unique payment guarantee option. It saves you time and money.

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