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What our customers say

Because we care them, no matter how big they are

“We joined Wtransnet 3 years ago and we use it to offer loads from
Germany to France, Switzerland and Spain. We have made many
contacts, not only in Germany but also in Spain.
I strongly recommend it.”

Tuyen Lam

“The reason why I’m using Wtransnet is because of the safety
implied in it. This is for us, a big factor for choosing Wtransnet.”

Mark Hermans
M&D Logistics BV

“We have been using Wtransnet for 8 years. We value the fact that we can make
many contacts in Spain and the information avaliable on the companies
before working with them.”

Joana Helbig

“We use Wtransnet to offer loads and find international
collaborations as we usually work for the national market.
We have spot cargo, so we need an immediate response.”

Paolo Rossi

“It helps us with the need to connect with the transport market
and take the pulse of the current costs and existing demands.”

Jaume Martinez

“It is an easier way to find specific loads at a particular time.
The payment guarantee is the main element of success of
Wtransnet and what we highly value as well as its great
number of customers.”

Carlos Oliveira

You have a direct contact and the security that you get the loads paid. With other freight exchanges this is not as good as with your freight exchange.

We like Wtransnet very much because it is the exchange with the best customer care service, it is very safe and guarantees our invoices.

I appreciate the security and the solvency of the companies inside the exchange.

We are using Wtransnet for many years and it is a service that is very useful to us. In my company it covers 70% of the contracts. I value the rapidity.

Wtransnet allows me to find loads with trusted partners and gives me a lot of flexibility at work. I appreciate the personalized service.

I use Wtransnet to increase the volume of loads, optimize the back trips and find new partners.

We have loads from our customers and we use the Exchange when we need trucks. We value the quality filters. If the carrier is not in Wtransnet, we do not load.

The security, the filter made with the suppliers and the fact there are more and more European companies.

The good thing of Wtransnet is that this tool has been developed after having listened carriers and transport companyies and now it allows us to work together properly. I totally recommend Wtransnet

We use the Wtransnet Freight Exchange because we have routes all over Europe, export France and import from different countries, so we can find solutions to operate in all our European Routes.

I use Wtransnet to find reliable partners. We are very satisfied with the service.

I use Wtransnet because I have many routes with Spain and I need to find reliable carriers.

We have been using Wtransnet for many years. We value the quality of the Exchange. We use it to search for new partners in Spain and Portugal.

We use Wtransnet to find reliable partners and suppliers to take care of our loads. I appreciate the availability and help provided by the Customer Service, always at our disposal.

We search for loads and customers within the logistics and distribution business from Italy, and Wtransnet is very helpful to us. We greatly value Wtransnet members who are not found in any other Freight Exchange.

Wtransnet is of course, the market leader in the South of Europe and this is the main reason why we are using it. We really like it.

By using Wtransnet, we are able to cover domestic loads in Spain and freights from abroad back to Spain. Furthermore, it offers a unique payment guarantee option. It saves you time and money.

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