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Building bridges

We create a safe environment to improve your business

The companies that you will find in Wtransnet have accepted an ethical code of conduct. They all have a commitment with establishing trustworthy business relationships.

How do we do it?

With companies that want to work with quality.

We favour quality over volume. You will only find the best companies from each country.

You will get in touch with companies that are looking to establish new relationships.

Your best business card

• When you call a company and say that you belong to Wtransnet, things change because all members collaborate at the same level.

• All companies within the platform are responsible for maintaining quality. On that purpose, we encourage anyone who sees wrong behaviour or attitudes to report it so that Wtransnet can correct the situation.

• The QAP Quality Seal is available to our associates – and it opens doors!


Wconnecta is a meeting point aimed at road freight transport professionals, both members with loads to offer or suppliers of transport services, who want to extend their network of contacts and find new business opportunities.

• You will find companies that are offering what you are looking for.

• You will be able to ask for interviews with companies that are offering freight.

• You will be in contact with quality transport companies.


We audit every company and haulier that entersour community in order to guarantee quality, solvency and security in all transactions. Find out more

de persona a persona

We offer all our customers personalised treatment and comprehensive follow-up. The Business Assistant or the On-line Translation Service are two examples. Find out more

More than 11,000 companies already trust us!

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