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Cargo Plus

The smart dispatching tool: intelligence online software for the traffic department

Why do you need Cargo Plus?

Why do you need Cargo Plus?
Find the right haulier faster
Tell your trusted hauliers about loads automatically
Give your customers a faster response
Increase profitability
Increase your number of trips
Have an accessible record of prices agreed for each route
Find new opportunities that you never knew about before
Create your own data base of hauliers
Be sure to always deal with trusted hauliers
Keep your dealings private from the competition
Centralise and widen your supplier base and gain loyalty

How does it work?

It is an online software for private use that automatically offers you the best hauliers for a particular load based on the relations that you have had with them and the characteristics of each deal.

The intelligence software shows you the best options according to how many times you have worked with them before, the routes that they prefer, whether they are based in the destination place of a load, the hauliers that a customer prefers, etc.

Discover the innovative tool that will get you more customers

Customers increasingly want speed, safety and a response in all their routes. Cargo Plus gives your traffic department a new focus.

Are you losing money in some routes?

Are you looking for reliable hauliers for a stable supply of work?

Do you need a quick and efficient haulier qualification system?

More than 11,000 companies already trust us!

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