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Doc & Data

Efficient Supplier Qualification

Improve the checking process of your transport suppliers’ documentation and its expiry date.

Standardise your approval procedures and centralise all the documentation and operational information in a single data base.

Make it accessible from all the company’s traffic posts.

And what’s more…

If you integrate Doc & Data into the Cargo Plus software, you will be able to check whether the supplier has the essential documentation up to date before you assign a load.

Unifying load management, with your supplier’s details and documentation in a single app, enhances the quality of work for the traffic operative.

• Each supplier has its own password to update the documentation and transport capacities, avoiding the need to repeat the same action with every agency

Supplier Qualification Service: Outsource your suppliers’ qualification process. We will deal with obtaining information and documents for you.

Discover how easy it is to keep your hauliers’ documentation up to date

Are you losing money in some routes?

Are you looking for reliable hauliers for a stable supply of work?

Would you rather work with known hauliers but also find new ones?

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